Updating the Fridge Calendar

Currently, the Ubuntu Fridge hosts the Ubuntu Fridge Calendar. This is used mostly for meetings taking place at #ubuntu-meeting on irc.freenode.net. Lately, I’ve been checking the calendar, and seen that there are some of those which are not being hosted anymore. This is why I, as part of the Ubuntu News Team, am requesting all of the teams hosting meetings in #ubuntu-meeting to help us get the calendar updated.

We need to check if the calendar is showing the events that are actually being hosted. We don’t want people to see the calendar and go to the channel to find nothing, or otherwise feel lost as the meeting has already passed. So, if there is a meeting from your team that is not being hosted anymore,  or the time/date is wrong, we need you to write an email to ubuntu-news-team@lists.ubuntu.com to get the event deleted or changed. This will help us lots in this process.

If we do not receive a heads-up from a team and see they are not actively hosting these meetings anymore, we will just delete the meeting. Deadline for sending the emails is 15th October, so please, make sure you get your emails in. If any team is hosting meetings at #ubuntu-meeting and the meeting is not listed, just shoot an email and we will be happy to add that to the Fridge Calendar. I expect to see emails coming in the next few days. Thanks for your help!