Even if you think it’s not making it, help us by pledging.

by José Antonio Rey

So, I’m quite sure you’ve read and know what all this ‘Ubuntu Edge’ thing is. In the case you don’t, you can go here and check what the project is all about.

Now that you really know about it, let’s get to the blog post.

During the last couple days we have had many news about the Edge. Dropping prices, silicon partners, Bloomberg buying an enterprise bundle, amongst others. At the moment of publishing this blog post US$9,742,035 had been raised, and there are 9 days left for this campaign to be successful. Yes, it is a fixed funding campaign, and we need 32 million US dollars. Quite a challenge, huh? It means to have approximately 2.75 million pledged per day, or around 3928571 Edges sold per day. I would totally love to see that happening, of course! I know it’s a bit hard, but one should never lose hopes.

There are many webpages who have been writing about the Edge. Many news going around, many people with different points of view. Some telling that it will make it, some telling that it will not. I like to stick to the idea that, even if we don’t make it to the US$32 million, we will still make it. Just as ZDNet said, but with a slight difference: Canonical is not the one that will end up winning, but instead, the community will.

Now, some of you may be asking yourselves “What is this kiddo trying to say? I don’t get his point!”. My point is that, as I said, it is a Fixed Funding Campaign. There are many people thinking that this is a project that will not succeed. OMG! Ubuntu! recently posted a poll online. According to those results, there is a 69.57% of almost 8500 people who think it will not succeed. And why is that? Maybe the time limit, maybe they lost their hopes, I don’t know. But I wanted to make a call to that 69.57% who said that it wouldn’t succeed to pledge on the campaign. That’s right, even if you think it will not succeed. And here, let me explain why:

The Ubuntu Edge campaign on Indiegogo is a Fixed Funding Campaign, as I previously said. That means that if we do not get to the $32M, everyone, that’s right, everyone will be getting their money back, doesn’t matter if they pledged $1 or $80,000. If you are not believing that the campaign is making it, then I invite you to pledge for it. What we want to achieve here is to demonstrate that we are a big community, and that even if we don’t get to successfully fund the campaign, we can get as closer as we really believe we can. I invite you to pledge $10, or maybe $20. Even more if you want. If you really do not think it’ll succeed, you’ll get your money back. But instead of just looking how it fails, you’ll make the number on that Indiegogo page bigger. Pledging that little amount will not make your life or mine worse, but will help demonstrate that our community is really into the project. As I said, you’ll get your money back, it’ll be like you never did something.

tl;dr: Even if you think the Indiegogo campaign will not make it, pledge. If you think it will not make it, it will be like nothing had been done from your side, and if it does make it then you’ll be able to say you helped the Ubuntu community.

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a little while. As I said, we should never lose hopes on if this will make it or not, but instead set our goal to demonstrate that if we’re together, we can make something big happen. News are going all over about the project, but I’d like to see more of that in the next few days, maybe some of them saying ‘Ubuntu Community breaks crowdfunding record!‘ or ‘They pass the $11 millions!‘. And well, that’s all for now, folks. Hope you pledge!


Click here to go to the Indiegogo page and contribute!