It’s much easier!

by José Antonio Rey

A couple days ago, a package arrived.

I finally got a book, called Ubuntu Made Easy, by Rickford Grand and Phil Bull. At a first sight, something very simple. Once I opened it, wow, surprise! 480 pages full of fun and learning!

It all starts with an explanation of the world of Linux, and everything behind Ubuntu, including a bit of our vision. Then, it explains some super useful things you need to know before starting (such as words, or terms that may be confusing for newcomers), and starts diving you into the Ubuntu experience. After that, it starts to explain how the LiveCD (yes, it is included with the book!) works, so you can get all that you can out of it. Once you finish the installing chapter, you can go ahead and start exploring the system in many, many ways (which are all in the graphical interface). You also get a glimpse on the Terminal (also known as the command line), and how it works, as well as some basic commands you’ll be able to use in order to get into Ubuntu. I should also mention they cover entertainment areas, so if you are someone who really loves apps and games, this book is also for you. They end up with some resources that may be very useful for you and your PC, including how to troubleshoot problems on your own, and how to contribute on the community. Best of all, it’s got very simple words, so you won’t be complicating each time you want to read it or finding something you want to do.

So you may be asking yourself, should I get this one, or it isn’t for me? In my opinion, you will find it super useful if you’re a person who’s trying to reach the maximum potential of its system, or even more useful if you’re a newcomer to Ubuntu, or have just migrated to. Or maybe, if you want to try the system out, you can have a great helper next to you, which will help you to discover all that Ubuntu has to offer.

What? Are you still unsure on buying the book or not? Well, you can have a glimpse of it here. You’ll see that behind all the catchy subtitles and crazy things you will find, you can discover what I can call as a full and detailed, but as well simple and concrete guide on using the system.

If you’re interested on buying the book, you can do it by clicking on this link, where you’ll find the print edition ($34.95), which comes with the free eBook (yay, PDF, Mobi and ePub for free!), as well as the eBook itself ($27.95), if you’re saver and don’t want to spend on shipping. Let me tell you, it’s totally worth it, I’m sure you won’t regret from getting a copy. In my opinion, a 10/10, a must have for Ubunteros.