Accomplishments – Should I write one?

by José Antonio Rey

As many of you know, Jono Bacon, along with other people, has been developing a system called Ubuntu Accomplishments, which is very cool, indeed. You earn trophies for doing different things in the community, or locally. The system even has its own daemon!

But, the problem is: We need accomplishments writers! Although writing one seems very complicated, it’s much easier than it seems. For me, it took less than 45 minutes, including a step-by-step class on how to use bzr to upload and propose for merging by Rafal Cieślak. Then, if you’re just writing it, it would be around 15-20 minutes. I started working on a “Gain an Ubuntu Member Cloak” accomplishment. Here’s what I did:

  1. Write the script. When writing the script, if the accomplishment needs to be verified by checking if you’re a LP team member, you can just grab one of the scripts and modify it writing the correct team name (these are on the scripts folder, in the trunk branch). In my case, I used the script, and replaced motu bu ubuntu-irc-cloaks. Save your script with a name (
  2. Write the accomplishment file. You should use one of the accomplishments that is already created, modifying it with the correct information again (these are in the accomplishments folder, in the trunk branch again). Just fill in the correct information, and you’ve done it. Remember that, as it’ll be our official accomplishments program, it should be a squeakly clean and great documentation. Save this file with the name name.accomplishment.
  3. Write the test file. One more time, you can just grab this from the test files. In this you should specify two emails. The success email, is to give the tester a positive result, it means that it should be the email of an user that has already accomplished what needed, and so on with the fail email. You should save it with the name <name> (with no <>).
  4. Once you’ve done that, you should upload it to a personal branch, and ask for review.

After all this process, my accomplishment got into the collection, check it out!

Remember that all your files should be named under the same name. As you can see, this is not so difficult. I hope many of you get into this fun and helpful process. You can check for the guidelines. If you need any further help, just go to #ubuntu-accomplishments in freenode. Thanks to all of you who have already contributed, and to all of those who will contribute to us!