Just a few words about UDS.

by José Antonio Rey

The Ubuntu Developer Summit. One week, full of experiences, sessions, plenaries, social events, etc. One week where you find out what is the essence of this community. Last week I’ve had my first UDS. Believe me, this is something that entirely changes your perspective of the community. You get to know how things work, how the process of this cycle will be, and what are the projects. Most important, you get to know the people you will work this during all this entire 6-month cycle. With this post, all I want to say is thanks. Thanks to all the people who were there, making this event as great as they could. Thanks to Marianna, Claire, Claire and Michelle for organizing it, to the track leads for their work managing their tracks, to Chris Johnston and the crew for the great work we did, and to all the people that I don’t mention, but know they were very important for me in this first experience (I do not write the whole list because I would fill up the whole planet homepage). Last but not least, thanks to Mark Shuttleworth for making this awesome summits, that, apart from being a place to get work done, is a week full of emotions, that you will surely never forget.


EDIT on 15/May/2012: For the next UDS I go to, I promise I will sing in the karaoke!